As a youth pastor in New York and then an assistant pastor, Chester Mitchell found his passion in the memorization of scripture, intense prayer and personal evangelism. During his years as a college student, he began leading a weekly Bible study and saw numbers of students commit their lives to Christ.

In 1980, Chester graduated from Queens College in Flushing, New York, with a degree in communications. During his college years, he had studied to become a broadcast journalist. However, just prior to graduation, he heard the familiar voice of the Holy Spirit reminding him that his life was destined for something greater. Following that voice led him to Christian Life College in Stockton, California, to prepare for full time Ministry.

In 1984, Chester Mitchell became an Associate Pastor at Christian Life Center of Stockton. What began as a one-year internship morphed into a twelve-year ministry assignment as the Executive Associate Pastor of one of the great churches in America.

In 1995, Pastor Chester Mitchell and his wife Marion felt the call of God to the Northern Virginia area. The Mitchells arrived in Reston in February 1996, and Capital Community Church held its first worship service in Reston on Easter Sunday 1996.

From that humble beginning and over the past sixteen years while serving as Lead Pastor, Chester Mitchell has kept alive his passion for reaching people and has invested himself in training leaders. Chester Mitchell, along with his Pastoral Team, has committed to empowering pastors and leaders through the Infusion Conference.

Throughout Chester Mitchell's ministry, he has ministered to thousands of young people in the United States and on foreign soil. Today, there are many young men and women who are serving the Lord and in Christian service because they were influenced by him. While attending a conference in North Carolina in 2008, a young man seated in front of Chester turned, introduced himself, and said, "As a teen I heard you speak at a youth camp. Up until that day, I had one single ambition-to become a professional baseball player. That day when you were finished speaking, I decided to become a preacher."

In 1999, Chester Mitchell led his congregation to purchase five acres of property in Ashburn, Virginia, and in 2002, the congregation moved into their beautiful sanctuary. Each Sunday, Chester Mitchell preaches two services and mentors a Spanish speaking congregation. In 2006, the church purchased twelve additional acres for future expansion.

Thirteen years after planting Capital Community Church, Chester Mitchell believes the greatest, modern day revival is still waiting to happen.